Meat Box Large

Meat Box Large

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Enjoy our Large All British Reared Meat Box, which are collected the same day as your delivery and vacuum packed to maintain the fresh taste for longer!

Our Large Meat Pack Typically Contains-

6 Chicken Breasts

12 Thin Sausages (79% Pork)

1kg Diced Beef 

1kg Beef Mince (20% Fat)

2 Mega Rump Steaks 

8 Minted Lamb Chops 

1 Topside Beef Joint 2kg 

*Weights Can Differ (+/-10%)*

♡ British Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb   ♡ Vacuum sealed     ♡ Farm Fresh 


Suppliers History

 We source our all our meat and poultry products from the best local British butchers.

The source of our Butchery is A J Greens which is based in Kidsgrove and have over 25 years experience at rearing and harvesting their own meat product which we collect daily to maintain the farm fresh taste.



100% British Beef, Pork, Lamb and Chicken